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Financial Information for North Carolina Municipalities: a good overview of financial reporting for NC governmental agencies. Includes a brief description of each of the various components of governmental financial reports.

North Carolina County and Municipal Financial Information: State web page where you can view financial information for various counties and municipalities. Information is extensive, as to financial results, tax rates, collection percentages, debt amounts and ratios and similar information.

North Carolina Department of State Treasurer - Home page.

Audit Manual for Governmental Auditors in North Carolina - complete audit manual for NC governmental audits.

GASB 34 - Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 34 - resources to assist North Carolina Counties and municipalities in implementing the above statement.

Single audit documents and updates for North Carolina governmental financial reporting.

North Carolina Public Records - Public records searches available. For license/occupational lookup; corporate status searches; and local property records research.

Illustrative City, County School Board, Charter School and Housing Authority Financial Statements from North Carolina, State Treasurer's office.

Local State and government memo listing: This is a listing of State and Local government memos issued by the State Treasurer's office for the last 5 years or so. Generally, they are clarifications of issues affecting state and local governments.

Deposit and Investment forms, memo and instructions: This web page provides the various forms, memos and instructions as they relate to requirements of state and local governments on cash and investments, and includes links to the bi-annual forms required to be filed by counties, and local governments.

Annual financial reports of NC state and local governments: This page allows you to download the annual financial reports of any NC county or municipality.

North Carolina Secretary of State Web Page.

Massive link page for Government and Not-For-Profit organizations.

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